At the heart of Grana’s philosophy lies a simple, unwavering passion: to bring people together through the love of Italian cuisine. Born from the Mediterranean culture and familial atmosphere that Malta and Italy share, Grana Trattoria and Grana Cucina have become synonymous with warmth, connection, and exquisite dining experiences.

Grana Trattoria is a culinary gem tucked away just steps from Gzira’s lively Strand Avenue. Since our inauguration in 2019, we’ve been crafting Italian classics that resonate with the soul of family gatherings and the joy of friend reunions. Our space—a blend of modern design and industrial elegance—echoes with laughter and clinking glasses, as guests indulge in a menu rich with antipasti, artisan pizzas, signature burgers and Italian classic mains, complemented by an eclectic cocktail bar.

While the sister restaurant, Grana Cucina, located in the historical capital city of Valletta, offers a different kind of enchantment. As part of The Cumberland Boutique Hotel, a 16th Century palazzo, our restaurant is a haven where the focus is on the bounty of the sea. We specialize in Italian cuisine that honours the freshness of fish and seafood, alongside a curated breakfast and Italian classic main dishes, all served within the refined setting of a refurbished palazzo. With some secluded rooms for private events as well as some outdoor seating to enjoy the buzz of the capital, Grana Cucina stands as a proud recipient of the Trip Advisor Award of 2023.

Both locations are a testament to our commitment to quality, community, and creating an atmosphere where every meal is not just eaten, but celebrated. Join us at Grana, where every dish tells a story and every visit feels like coming home.

Visit us at Grana Trattoria and Grana Cucina for an experience that goes beyond the plate.